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Craffi the Karigar is a story waiting to be experienced! Textures, talent and thoughts are woven together to create this veritable kaleidoscope of colourful crafts.

The intricate skills of Indian artisans have crossed civilizations, nations and kingdoms. Through their journey they have embraced varying materials, technology and climates.

Bihar is home to the humble artisans who create mystic Madhubani paintings. Block printing handicraft makers are sitting and quietly working from the by lanes of Gujarat.

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Bring home one of the rarest crafts of India by arguably the one and only calligrapher in India who produces Calligraphy on Wood - artist Irshad Farooqi. Born in Sikar, Rajasthan Irshad Farooqi belongs to the dynasty of ‘Sultanut-tarikeen Sufi Hameeduddeen Nagauri Farooqi (R.

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Hand and Foot Care Bag

This 100% natural handmade hand and foot care bag contains Wildflower Naturals Orange and Pachouli Foot Butter, Wildflower Naturals Peppermint and Coco Butter Foot Cream, Wildflower Naturals Peppermint and Bergamot Foot Soak, Wildflower Naturals Hand Butter with Vanilla and Cocoa Butter, and Wildflower Naturals Oodh and Kokum Butter Hand Cream. 

Wildflower Naturals Orange and Pachouli Foot Butter: Foot Butter with Orange and Patchouli is a velvety smooth fresh whipped butter that heals and nourishes your feet.

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Baby Care Bag

This 100% natural handmade baby care bag contains Massage Oil, Moisturizer and Body Wash.Massage Oil: Massage your baby with this wondrous blend of nature’s most loving oils! With a regular massage your baby's skin tends to shine, blossom and retain its elasticity.

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Wldflower Naturals Hair Pack Kit

The Stay Wild Face care kit includes Pigmentation Gel, Lip Balm, Scrub and Sunscreen. Pigmentation Gel: Pigmentation spots appear with age and mostly over stay even though they are not welcome.

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